LifeVac Saves Another Life!

As we are LifeVac Europe, we have distributors around the UK, but also we have the privilege of having distributors around Europe such as LifeVac Spain, LifeVac SA, LifeVac South East Europe, LifeVac Polska and LifeVac Netherlands.

We have been informed LifeVac has saved  another life in Spain, which as always is amazing news!

A 1 year old boy named Irai picked an object up and put it in his mouth, whilst playing at his nursery in Navarra, Spain.

Irai began to choke and nursery staff carried out BLS which unfortunately failed. A staff member then grabbed LifeVac and with one application saved Irai’s life.

Due to receiving BLS Irai was checked over at the local hospital and was given the all clear.

Here is a video clip of local news interviewing Irai’s mother and the nursery staff member who used LifeVac to save little Irai’s life.


Marie from LifeVac Europe commented “We love receiving feedback that LifeVac has saved another life, knowing another little child is alive today because of LifeVac is an amazing feeling”.





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