Do Not Buy Chinese Knockoffs; They Do Not Work In A Real Choking Emergency!

We want to warn everyone about counterfeit LifeVacs. Sadly, there are cheap knockoffs in circulation from Chinese manufacturers that are stealing our patented design and manufacturing it in China with poor materials and without any regulations.

We are NOT affiliated with these counterfeit products in any way and strongly discourage anyone from buying them. They simply do NOT work.

These Chinese-made anti-choking devices can be extremely dangerous as they don’t comply with EU regulations, haven’t been tested by independent studies, and therefore, aren’t proven to work and might fail in a choking emergency.

How to spot a Chinese fake?

To protect our customers from buying a fake and potentially ineffective product, we have listed the most important signs that indicate a fake LifeVac...

Most Chinese copycat devices are the same shape as the LifeVac but are a different color, often green.

Be warned! Other counterfeits are the same yellow color but are much smaller in size and don’t have the one-way-valve system like a real LifeVac.

From left to right: a small yellow counterfeit, a green counterfeit (both made in China), and the real LifeVac (made in EU)

Fake LifeVacs are priced extremely cheap. Be careful if you see a deal that seems too good to be true. They use the cheapest materials, have no quality control, and don’t comply with EU regulations.

If you come across something that looks like a LifeVac but is priced
below €50
, it’s most likely a Chinese fake product. That’s why we
recommend ordering from where you buy straight from the source
- no middle man involved. We are the official LifeVac seller and are able to
offer you a 100% genuine LifeVac at the lowest price.

If you fell victim to a counterfeit LifeVac, we recommend immediately asking for a refund and purchasing from our official website, This way, you can be 100% sure you have the genuine version that will actually work when a choking emergency arises.

LifeVac VS. Chinese copycats:


✅ is the ONLY registered and regulated medical airway clearance device on the market.

✅ is the ONLY device backed by multiple peer-reviewed medical publications covering safety, effectiveness, and lives saved.

✅ is the ONLY device that is FDZ, MHRA, TGA, HBFB registered/regulated, and CE marked/registered as a class 1 medical device in all countries sold.

✅ is the ONLY device that goes through stringent quality testing to maintain these registrations.

✅ is the ONLY device proven to work and has already saved well over 550 lives to date!

Chinese copycats...

❌ are made in China from cheap materials using cheap labor.

❌ simply do NOT remove an airway obstruction.

❌ do NOT have proof that they do work, and there’s no evidence that they saved any lives to date.

❌ do NOT go through ANY quality checks to ensure safety or effectiveness.

❌ are NOT regulated by ANY country’s regulatory health authority. They are NOT registered medical devices.

❌ are NOT CE marked/registered.

Does a Chinese copycat even work? We did the test!

We ordered a couple of these fake products to see if they really work, and these are the results:

First of all, shipping took a really long time. We had to wait for weeks for the packages to arrive, so they’re probably shipped straight from China.

The state in which the packages arrived left much to be desired...


Without a box the contents of the package are more likely to get damaged during transport. Our package arrived with multiple tears.

The Chinese copycats don’t come in a protective box but in a cheap plastic bag without any padding to protect the contents. Without a proper box, the masks and plunger are more likely to get damaged during transport and might not work in a choking emergency.

When unpacking the green knockoff we noticed it was missing a screw on the base, which we found later inside the bag!

The package contents of these counterfeit products are very different from a real LifeVac. You only receive two mask sizes (Small and Large). With LifeVac, you get a third mask, which is in between the other two sizes. This is quite important because you really need a mask that can create a perfect seal on the choking victim’s mouth.

The bag also contained a little instruction flyer riddled with spelling errors in faulty English that looked like it was literally translated with Google translate.

The test results:

We tested the two different Chinese copycats on a professional choking manikin, and these were the results:


These Chinese manufacturers don’t care about you or saving lives... Their goal is to earn easy money fast!

So, they steal our intellectual property and produce a low-cost, low-quality version in China with materials of unknown quality, cheap labor, and without quality control testing. Then, they sell their product online for a fraction of the price of a real LifeVac in hopes of getting a piece of the pie.

In the end, it comes down to this; do you thrust a cheap Chinese knockoff product that’s not proven to work when the life of a loved one is on the line in a real choking emergency?

LifeVac is the only device proven to be effective in a choking emergency. It has already saved over 2495 lives and has never failed to date!

At LifeVac, safety & effectiveness is our priority

Each LifeVac is made in Europe with premium materials and undergoes extensive product quality control testing.

Each order is carefully packaged in a shipping box with stuffing materials to protect the contents. Inside the shipping box, you’ll find the LifeVac Home kit in a sturdy and reusable box.

Each LifeVac comes with a one-way-valve plunger and 3 masks in different sizes; 1 infant, 1 child, and 1 adult mask.

You also receive a clear step-by-step instruction sheet and an extensive user guide with choking prevention tips in your own language.

Get your 100% authentic LifeVac here:

At, we are the No.1 official LifeVac seller in Europe, and we guarantee you a 100% original LifeVac at the lowest price possible.

Every LifeVac is manufactured in Europe with premium materials and has been manually tested. LifeVac complies with all local and EU regulations and has been medically proven to be the safest, most effective, and easiest-to-use airway clearance device in the world.

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